Hey y'all!
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BLM Cambridge has had a busy fall and winter, and now we're gearing up for summer! Please help us complete our summer initiatives by contributing the BLM Cambridge Summer 2017 Action Plan & Fundraiser. Your generosity and dedication have allowed us to become one of the most active and successful chapters to date. Thank you!

Last summer, BLM Cambridge and affiliates took drastic measures to pressure City Council to increase the number of affordable housing units in Cambridge. We're happy to announce that initiative was successful, and we remain committed to ensuring safe and affordable housing for ALL residents in Cambridge and beyond.

Additionally, BLM Cambridge has provided resources and aid to those in Baton Rouge, Haiti, and Flint MI. And our Books and Breakfast program continues to be a success. That would not have been possible without your support.

In the coming months, BLM Cambridge is curating a Black Lives Matter Symposium featuring BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors. We'll also be sending representatives to Haiti and surrounding areas to learn how to better assist our Caribbean family. Proceeds from this campaign will go toward purchasing solar panels for Haiti's disaster relief. Additionally, we'll be helping to supplement housing/travel expenses for BLM organizers and Cambridge families in need. And we have direct actions planned which will require fortifying our legal reserve fund.

Any contributions made will be used towards these initiatives and more. If you can not donate at this time, please share among your networks and follow us on social media. 

From the entire BLM Cambridge Family, thank you!

--BLM Cambridge


BLM Symposium - $2k

Solar Panels for Haiti - $5k

Delegate Travel - $1500

Housing Stipends - $5k

Direct Action+Legal Fund - $1500

Misc/Promotional - $500

Help us create change.

Black Lives Matter Cambridge organizes locally to end racism worldwide.

It is crucial that we say that Black lives matter in the heart of liberal America, where so many would like to think we don't have a race problem. We fight not only for Black lives, but for Black livelihoods, and we fight against the anti-Black Cambridge-based violence we see in housing, education, healthcare, incarceration, policing, government representation, and more.

We need your help, because in this city of incredible financial wealth, there are many who are deeply invested in the continued marginalization of Black people and their voices.

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Or make a one time payment by clicking:  PayPal.me/blmcambridge